Tuesday, November 8, 2016

JoAnn Mystery Knit Along Afghan

So, I finally finished this blanket yesterday.

I'm not excited about it either. It's nice and warm, and the yarn makes for an incredibly soft fabric. The pattern however, is what I'm not happy with. As I mentioned in the last post, I'm pretty happy I didn't use the suggested colors. It looks like four totally unrelated blankets were cut apart and then sewn together.

But do you notice that bottom corner with the red yarn? Yeah...I triple checked which colors were to be used for each step and I was short on light gray, and had an extra skein - the entire skein- of red leftover. When i went to the store to get another skein of gray to match, they were all out. Two JoAnn's stores and a Walmart didn't have the color. So instead of buying another online, spending over $10 on a $6 skein of yarn (plus waiting week to finish), I threw in the metaphorical towel and took a scrap of the first red skein to finish the edge.

At least the kids love it...