Wednesday, October 26, 2016

JoAnn Mystery Stitch Along Week 4

I've never knit an afghan so quickly before. This blanket is full of texture. Clue 4 came out this Monday and it is the applied cabled border.

Let me just say a few things:

  1. I'm glad I didn't use the recommended colors because I don't like how they arranged them. I like my color combo much better.
  2. I had to buy 5 skeins of yarn but this week was supposedly the last clue. I have one more full skein of burgundy left so I'm curious to see if they do publish a fifth clue on the 31st.
  3. If I had seen the pattern ahead of time, I know I never would have made it. I think it looks like four different sections of blanket that were haphazardly sewn together. Well, I would have definitely used different colors and arranged them way differently if I'd seen the finished product before I started.
Clues 1-3 completed

The yarn is super soft though and my kids keep fighting over who gets to snuggle under it so I'll just chalk it up to a successful project.

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