Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A New Toy (and Lots of Links)

Things are going much better since my Monday sweater update.

So I started a new toy on Tuesday since, well, I signed up to make one for the fair, forgot about it, and then realized the fair starts in ten days. Piece of cake.
... Oops.
It is a character from an anime movie called My Neighbor Totoro. My kids love that movie. It's super cute.

I'm half done with the body already though. It's a nice quick knit because the pattern had you use whatever yarn and gauge you want. I'm knitting this on size 2 needles with DK weight yarn so there is no room for stuffing to peek through.

As for my sweater, it's coming along rather nicely.

This is a back view showing the sleeve on the right.
I've actually been pleasure reading too recently, since the baby only seems happy lately when laying directly on my chest. I picked up A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens again and I'm still enjoying it.

More WIPS can be found at the link below: