Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cupcake Hat: Free Pattern

I made my daughters matching hats over the weekend. My two year old refuses to take hers off and ended up going to bed with it on the other night. Not sure who puts cherries on top of cupcakes but adding the pom-pom cherry really finished the look. They fit loose and look like a beret on my two year old, since the furry yarn cannot hold its shape since it is kind delicate.
Size small: huge on my newborn, will fit for winter

Brim: leftover Dream, probably about 1/4 skein for both hats. (Leftover from this project.)
"Icing:" Hikoo Caribou
Cherry pom-pom: Scraps of sock yarn

CO 60 stitches using size 8 (5.0mm) needles. CO 80 for 2T. (My two year old can stretch the smaller size on her head. I think it would easily fit 6-18 months.)

Size 2T hat

Knit 2¹/⁴" in 2x2 rib.
After first inch of "icing", decrease - k2tog - every fifth stitch.
After second inch of "icing," decrease every forth stitch (40 stitches total).
After the third inch of "icing," making sure there is an equal amount of stitches on each needle, k2tog twice the beginning and end of each needle. For the larger size, after three inches: k2, k2tog so there are 36 stitches when that row is finished. Knit for additional ¹/² inch. Follow pattern as written after this row.

Knit next row.
K2tog twice at beginning and end of each needle.
Knit next row. Repeat until 3 (4) stitches remain on each needle.
K1, k2tog.
Bind off and make a small pom pom for the top.