Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Mitten

This pattern is driving me insane. The pattern does not match the stitch count for the small or the large size. And it does not say who the sizes would fit. In the pattern picture, the mittens look quite large on the adult model, so I cast on for the smaller size and barely fit it over my hand. I couldn't get the stupidly written pattern figured out, and trying to visualize how its supposed to look does not look anything like what the low-definition, 80s photo looks like.

The struggle is real.

But, I frogged everything I accomplished on Monday and cast on for the larger size. Because it doesn't count as a gift if no one can put them on.
At least the yarn is super pretty to look at while I knit, frog, and re-knit.By next Friday I'll have a finished pair of mittens to show off.