Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Instant Gratification

I finally found some knitting time this past week. I added a couple extra stripes to the body of the sweater I've been slowly working on but I needed a change of pace and cast on for a new project.
Subtle waist shaping.

Last night I got so far on the sweater that I actually divided for the v-neck!

I've had these Pinned on my knitting board on Pinterest for a long time now. I made this first mitt in just hours. It took less than 24 hours from cast on to finishing with a kitchener seam.


It is only one glove. A section of it bulges on the bottom curve of the swirl and I was attempting to get a photo without the bulge.

The design and construct is really cool. It is knit in one piece beginning with the thumb and then stitches around the swirl are picked up to knit the body of the mitt in garter. The thumb is ribbed, everything else is garter stitch, which makes this fly off the needles.

I found the pattern at this website.

Also, happy earth day if you're into that (for my American readers out there).

Gaylord Nelson's headstone "Founder Earth Day 1970"
I sent this photo of myself to a friend from high school on Monday and all she did was laugh at me and tell me earth day is Wednesday. I got my hippie "holidays" mixed up, haha!

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