Friday, February 13, 2015

All the Silence

Hello my readers, the few, the proud...

I'm sorry things have been quiet around here in the last few weeks. I promise I haven't given up on this blog.
However, I think that since my current semester has proven exceptionally difficult for a myriad of reasons, that I will do my best to post monthly project updates in the hopes that I have progressed a little with my knitting.

Last time, I told you all that I finished the first sleeve for the Batterslea Hall sweater, but didn't have an updated photo.

I got this far after casting on the second sleeve a week ago. Hooray for nursing school.

My next update will most likely be the 11th of March for the regular Wednesday Yarn Along. That's my spring break week so at the very least I will get done knitting done the few days prior. Check back then.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy St. Valentine's Day!