Thursday, October 2, 2014

Knit Style

How do you like to wear those knits you worked so hard on? Do you wear it when lounging around the house? Out on dates or special occasions? We're always excited about sharing finished objects but what happens to your projects when you're done being excited about finally binding off?

I finished this sweater in the middle of the summer and I love wearing it. It's insanely warm so it's perfect for fall and winter in the north Midwest. I wear it all over the place. Nice jeans, holey jeans, tennis shoes, flats. I wear it with everything and anything. The only real problem with the sweater is that it's too warm for indoor wear.


Link up and share the every day wear of your favorite (or not so favorite) garments. (Feel free to link an older post if you've shared a finished project in use in the past too!)

I'll be doing this link up on Saturdays if there's interest by the end of the month.