Friday, September 12, 2014

Lots of Little Owls

As soon as I shared my post on Wednesday, I received some buttons in the mail and promptly finished my cousin's baby shower gift.
(I originally saw the Hoot Cardigan shared over at Stitched Up in Toronto and I loved it so much I made three of them in a couple short months.)

Behold the cuteness:

 I sewed seed beads on each owl for the eyes since the cabling gets a little lost in the dark yarn and the subtle striping.

Baby's sex is going to be a surprise. As I was working on this I kept trying to imagine putting it on one of my boys, and on my little girl, and I know I would make my kids wear this no matter what they were. It is probably the first gender neutral garment I've ever made or seen that is actually gender neutral.

I have at least or more than half a skein left. I might have to get another one on the needles for one of my boys...