Friday, September 26, 2014

FO: Hello Kitty Jumper

Here it is. I put this on my little one today and it was a little shorter than I expected but it did still fit.

I really am not wild about how stiff the acrylic yarn is but I'm glad I used some of my massive stash. I'm hoping that it might not be so stiff after a little bit of wash and wear.

She did look pretty cute in it although when I picked my kids up after nursing school today she had spit up all over it and it wasn't on her so I never snapped a photo. I'll be adding a photo to the Ravelry project page once I do laundry tomorrow.

I think I need to do something more with Hello Kitty's face to make it a little more recognizable. We'll see if I have time for that...

Here is the pattern