Monday, August 25, 2014

Yarn Review Monday 24: Lion Brand Amazing

What is YRM: I honestly believe there are good things and bad things about every type of yarn, no matter how much you save or how much you break the bank. 

This is for the lay-knitter, not professionals. This is for people like me who might not necessarily be fiber experts despite being a crocheter or knitter for a long time, but need an honest opinion about yarn before they dive into a project with it.

The yarn: Lion Brand Amazing

  • 53% wool, 47% acrylic
  • 50 grams, 1.75 ounces;  147 yards, slightly less than 135 meters
  • Colorway: Constellation

The project: Tarragon the Gentle Dragon

What I liked:It was perfect for the project. It has some fuzz to it which fills in between my stitches so the stuffing doesn't show through. It feels a little tougher and gives me the impression that the toy will be able to withstand being thrown around and hugged, and whatever else a two-year old can think of doing to it. I made it at the beginning of August. My son got it within days after I finished him, and despite play and cuddles, the dragon looks just as new as it did four weeks ago. Also, the colors are really blended but the pops of mustard and brilliant blue (check out his little arms!) really make this yarn exciting.

What I didn't like:  It's kind of scratchy. I'm glad I decided not to use it for the project I originally bought it for because I think it would have been uncomfortable to wear. I originally bought it for the Devan cardigan but the color variations were too subtle for the pattern so I saved it in stash for over a year. I had to frog it once after I decided not to use it for the cardigan last year and I'm glad I didn't have to do it again. This is because of the subtle fuzz. It sticks to itself once you knit with it and I ended up having to cut part of it since I couldn't frog all the way back.
Affordability:  I bought mine at JoAnn Fabric & Crafts. The Lion Brand website has it available for $8.29/ skein. I don't remember paying that much for it when I bought it though. Two colorways are available in 3-skein packs for 50% off right now through the Lion Brand website too.
Rating: The yarn is kind of rough to the touch. I think that this yarn is perfect for toys, accessories, and other small projects that don't require you to wear them for very long. It isn't because the yarn isn't pretty; there are a lot of really beautiful colors available. It is the texture that gets a little bothersome.

Like toys, for example...

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this or asked to review this yarn by any store or the company itself. Opinions are my own.