Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A WIP and an FO

I've made it through my first week and a half of my new semester of nursing school. We will be very busy. But most of the busyness is under my control so I am feeling alright about how things will go this fall. However, things might be pretty quiet around here until the holidays roll around. I'll try to check in every once in a while. Or maybe I'll be doing this more if knitting becomes a stress reliever.

I managed to finish the dragon. He's been modeling on my 2014 FO page since Saturday. I started out not being too excited about how the yarn was patterning during assembly but now he's really  starting to grow on me. Given the nature of the yarn his tail is also not as stiff as the dragon I made for my son.

 Can you see the gaps between the stitches where the stuffing shows through? If you look close you can see on the second front-facing photo.

I also made progress on the cardigan for my cousin and have joined up the body under the arms. Also, this yarn is so much fun. I'm hoping to do a September yarn review on it. Speaking of yarn reviews, I just did one this week in case you missed it. I reviewed the yarn I used for my son's dragon so if you're interested go take a look.

An up-close, though blurry, on the cables.

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