Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So Many Sweaters

Hi guys. I love knitting sweaters. I have four in progress, two I can't work on until I get more yarn, and three of the four have changed since last week.

My sweater:

So far a perfect fit. A few more decrease rows left and then I can begin the turtle neck. Still waiting for my husband to pick up more yarn...

My daughter's sweater:

I've been overwhelmed with all the pink arriving in the mail over the last two weeks so I went the purple/lime green route for most recent addition to our family. Needs four more buttons and the sleeves. I first saw the pattern on this blog and decided I had to make it. I sewed on seed beads for the owls' eyes. It's the six month size.

For my future second cousin:

My cousin is having her first in November or something. I figured I'd make the sweater a gender neutral color and then find boyish or girly buttons for it once we hear what Baby is. It is the same pattern as the sweater I made for my daughter, the Hoot Cardigan (Ravelry link). This is in the newborn size.

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