Thursday, July 10, 2014

Decorating Brownies with Stencils

My son asked for a Batman themed birthday this year. I decorated a brownie instead of cake. Here is a tutorial on how to make elaborate designs on brownies.

Start with an idea. You can choose to draw your own or trace it with tracing paper. Once you have an image on the paper that you're satisfied with, cut it out. I had my heart set on a Gotham City horizon, with the bat symbol and Batman.

I only needed one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of printer paper for this. Keep in mind that if you cut out a lot of small details they might not show. I cut out the spikes on the cuff on Batman's forearm and you really can't tell on the brownie.

Tricks I used to make the cutting less tedious:
Fold the paper so it is easier to cut small details... Cut half moons where your letters need an open space, such as the "a" in happy, the "b," "d," and "a" in birthday. I also used that trick to cut the windows on the buildings by folding the buildings in thirds.

Cutting out the "s" in my sons name was very intimidating at first, but I figured out a way to cut it so that it stayed connected but I wouldn't have to figure out how to jam a large pair of scissors into a very small spot:

I had a hard time removing the stencils without tipping sugar off and ruining the design. Using some tape folded up in the middle so you create handles on your stencil goes a long way in removing the stencils hassle free (I did that for the second brownie I made. For the one photographed, I used the tip of a small paintbrush and a long fingernail. I don't recommend it!)

So there you have it.

It looks great. It's fairly easy. It only took an hour from sketching to removing after powdered sugar. And if you screw up, you can just add a little powdered sugar and cover the mistake.

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