Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ribbed Bind Off, or Teaching a Stubborn Dog New Tricks

So I'm working on an adorable baby pattern at the moment since I ran out of yarn on the afghan last week.

I got to the bind off on the hood and the pattern instructed a ribbed bind off. I am stubborn you guys. I've done plenty of patterns that called for a ribbed bind off that I simply cut corners with and bound off the only way I knew how. At long last, I decided to suck it up and learn how to do a ribbed bind off. And you know what? It was super easy.

And it looks so much better than a normal bind off:

Check back Wednesday for a better photo...

I found instructions online that just said, Purl on the purled stitches before binding off, and knit on the knit stitches before binding off that stitch.

I thought, that can't be right. It's too... Easy.

But you know what, it really is as easy and simple as it sounds. Okay. Go ahead. It's your turn now.