Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just a Check-In: Christmas Knitting 3.0

Don't worry. I haven't gone AWOL. I'm just posting a photo from last week since I think the last time you saw my husband's Christmas socks I had only just finished the fair isle sections on both. The photo itself is from last Wednesday night. Monday night was my first opportunity to use a functional computer so I was actually able to upload a photo. (My phone won't let me do that...)

On Sunday afternoon I turned the heel on the green sock but could not begin the circular knitting again since the men were present for the rest of the evening. Then I forgot my knitting bag at the in-laws...

I'm starting to feel less stressed out about getting these done. I've only got half a sock left to absolutely finish by Christmas. Then all I'll have left is the second sock for my friend which I intend to finish before I start nursing school on the 13th of January. All the lace on her socks makes for slow going what with my hand cramping problems but I think the goal is attainable.