Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Knitting v. 4.0, or: I Hate Sock Knitting

So here's where I'm at with these %#&@ socks. I was chugging away happy as can be when I realized just how little yarn I have left.
In true yarn chicken fashion, I started knitting as fast as I possibly could. I ran out of yarn literally eight mother-$%&#ing rows from the bind off.
I ordered more yarn, which just so happened to be on sale.  A $3.12 skein that I am paying $9 for because one skein of yarn costs an arm and a leg to ship from Michigan to Wisconsin. For real, you guys, THAT is the reason I am pissed. I just wanted to get these done. To see my husband open this on Christmas and see that despite the fact that I $%#&@ hate knitting socks, I knit him an awesome pair and ideally, in this fantasy in my head, they fit perfectly.
So I'm just hoping I can get it before the weekend so I can sneak away from the hubby and finish the eight rows  and wrap it before Christmas.
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Oh, the blue sock still had yarn leftover. I'm using the same brand of yarn and everything for both colors. I had to cut the green in the fair isle section in order to knit two at a time. I underestimated, had to add more green length to the top of the blue sock, and the loose ends were just enough to screw me on the second sock. [Insert more profanities here]