Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Marathon

I feel like I've been on a knitting marathon lately...
Mostly because my new tablet screen just came in the mail/got replaced by my awesome technically-inclined husband on Saturday/Sunday. So I haven't had computer related distractions from getting this knitting done.

I finished both the second and third (of three) Saroyan scarves that I'm giving away as Christmas gifts this year. I made them narrower and slightly shorter than the pattern instructs. If you want those details, they are all on my Ravelry page. The two projects are combined since I knit them at the same time. They just need the end woven in and a good block.

I am also working on the next Christmas gift in the lineup, the Stargazing Shawlette, which is also a free pattern on Ravelry.

My Christmas gift progress as of right now:
Saroyan for my sister
Saroyan for my mom
Saroyan for my M-i-L
Narcissa socks for a friend (1 sock done - Ravelry link for pictures)
Fred and George socks for my husband
Stargazing Shawlette for my sister in law

For one month of work I think I'm making good time with all this gift knitting. The one sock took almost the entire month of October though, so I think I'm going to save the second Narcissa sock for the very end of my gift knitting. I also need to figure out how to knit two socks at a time so that I can get my husband's socks done faster.

See more beautiful projects by clicking below: