Monday, October 7, 2013


Spring buds

Early summer blossoms

First fruits
From our other tree

My applesauce recipe:
Take apples, core and skin them, and boil in minimal water. I do this as I pick them, and freeze them, so I don't usually add water since the ice adds water when cooked.

After apples have softened, remove from stove and carefully begin puréeing in a leak proof blender (also why I don't use a food processor for this).
My blending setup

Place applesauce back on stove and add spices to your preferred tastes. I don't add sugar but otherwise I like my applesauce to taste like pureed apple pie filling, so this year I added 1/3 cup of cinnamon, and sprinkled the batch with a little nutmeg and a little cloves. Even for me that was more cinnamon than I prefer.
I like to can on a tray because messes clean up easier
and I can just rotate the jars instead of shifting them around when they're hot.

Pour into hot, washed canning jars to half an inch from top, remove air and put a hot washed lid and ring on. I always take a clean rag to the lip of the jar to make sure there will be a tight seal after processing.

I process according to the Ball Blue Book Guide, for twenty minutes in a hot water bath. However, look up the specific instructions to get it right. My jars overflowed the first time I processed them because I didn't measure the 1/2" allowance correctly, and probably didn't get enough air out. I ended up getting new lids and doing it again.

My eight-quart pot, which was full, fit into only 6 1/2 quarts. Please, Maths, explain that one to me. And no, I didn't eat the other quart and a half.

So there you go. I've got applesauce.