Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Book

I started and finished reading a book on Sunday night that I found at my parents' house. It was in a stack of my brother's college reading material that was in a donate/get rid of pile.

Persepolis is a memoir by Marjane Satrapi about a woman who was born in and raised in Iran until her parents sent her to Austria when she was fourteen. It was a quick read because it is written in a comic strip form, although very far from comedic. She depicts a childhood full of political uncertainty, although her parents were very loving, supportive, and provided her with a stable life. She includes the changes in their neighbors and personal lives once the government was taken over by Muslim extremists.

She has written two other books and I think I might look into them. I've read other books, fictional, about Middle Eastern life as depicted by authors born and raised in the situations they are writing about. I guess I'm not really sure why I am so interested in the subject, since I have no connection to anything related.

As far as knitting goes, Christmas gifts are on the needles, and since a few others reminded us all last week that it is "Socktober" I figured I'd knit along. I've got a couple people who have requested socks from me so despite my dislike for them, here I am making more. Also still blocking the fair isle sweater I finished on Saturday.

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