Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Are you thinking of Tevya's rich voice singing and dancing around in the barn? Let me help you love your day a little more as I jog some memories (2:20 is when he starts the song):

Thank you YouTube.
My grandmother passed on her late mother's unfinished knitting to me since I found the written instructions for the pattern she always used. For everything she knit. Everything. (Read: afghans. I'm convinced that is all I will see made by her. Zillions of afghans in every color imaginable.)

The bottom scarf strip was still on the needles when I visited last week so I think I'm going to go the Neapolitan ice cream route and lengthen it with pink and brown since the yarn is a New York Vanilla color, shown accurately above. I'm not going to bother lengthening the scarf on top, even though my grandma sent the rest of the yarn home with me.

Cool story: in my wild search for the pattern last summer, I came across a blog where a blanket in the stitch pattern was featured linked up to Yarn Along, which is how I discovered Yarn Along (and subsequently WIP Wednesdays) in the first place.

And for my current work in progress, my fair isle sweater:

I picked up Silas Marner: Weaver of Raveloe by George Eliot again. It was recommended on someone's Yarn Along post at the beginning of the year. I put it in my Google Books library right away, read 50 pgs and forgot about it. I'm enjoying it now though. Classic literature never disappoints.