Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm sorry guys. I have to confess something. I hate making socks. I get a vibe that sock knitting is assumed essential for knitters. I also get the impression that everyone who talks about sock knitting must love it; it seems like an untouchable subject in the knitting world. So now my title makes sense, right? It's the one thing I hate making every time I try. Granted, this is only the second time trying. And I have a legitimate pattern this time. I still hate it though. My husband has been asking me to make him socks since we got married. I finally found a pattern I thought he might like (he loves the pattern, he saw what I was knitting on Sunday).

Maybe it's the tiny needles. Maybe it's the slow progress. Maybe it's the fact that my one year old keeps finding ways to climb into my knitting bag and repeatedly pull out the needles. Maybe it's personal. That's probably it.
I'll probably make this sock pattern twice and then never ever make socks again. Because the pattern is definitely not the problem. I love the pattern.
So there you go. I'm the only knitter in the world who hates sock knitting.

Also on tiny needles is my fair isle sweater, which seems to be progressing much faster than the sock. Because I don't hate sweaters I guess.

I'm still reading Silas Marner and still enjoying it.

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