Thursday, August 8, 2013

In Which: I Geek Out

The first time I picked up a Harry Potter book, I was in the third grade and the first three books were already bestsellers. I got The Sorcerer's Stone at a book fair after the parent teacher conferences.
 Thus, my love of Harry Potter was born. I was sucked into every book. I would barricade myself in my bedroom during my summer vacation and read read read. My birthday present from my parents was always a month late, because they would get me the newest book fresh off the bookstore shelf. They were always released here in the U.S. in July.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Knitting Daily emails me this:

I know. I know. But I didn't buy it right away. Impressive, right? I didn't think the man of the house would appreciate me spending $20 to indulge a childhood obsession.

Twelve hours later I came to my senses and bought a hard copy.

Fast forward to last night when we came home from vacation to find my package from FedEx curled into thirds vertically.
The binding on my magazine is damaged. I couldn't look through it last night because I had to flatten it under some heavy books. I'm a bit peeved but I got some photos for you to drool over anyway:


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