Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fruits of the Summer

A glimpse of my garden so far:
Over-producing apple tree!

Peas. Beans not pictured.

My only carrot.

Invasion of the squash plants this year. I'll definitely be sharing with family and friends.

The largest watermelon I've found so far. About basketball sized.

My garlic survived and thrived this year!

My raspberry bushes love us. They produce so much every year.

The grapes grew this year. Last summer we didn't get fruit.
The yield from just one bush this morning. From the bush pictured above.
Three rogue tomato plants made an appearance scattered in all the squash.
We had over 20 plants last year but I didn't plant any this year. It was a nice surprise.

All I do is nothing. I weed maybe three times during the summer (I know, I'm terrible) and let the sun and the rain do the real work.
Hopefully your gardens are just as abundant.