Monday, July 22, 2013

Yarn Review Monday 6: Berroco Vintage(TM) Chunky

What is YRM: I honestly believe there are good things and bad things about every type of yarn, no matter how much you save or how much you break the bank. 

This is for the lay-knitter, not professionals. This is for people like me who might not necessarily be fiber experts despite being a crocheter or knitter for a long time, but need an honest opinion about yarn before they dive into a project with it.

The yarn: 
Berroco Vintage(TM) Chunky
50% acrylic
40% wool
10% polymide nylon
3.53 oz/100 g; 130 yds/ 119 m

The pink and blue skeins are the stars of the show today.

The project: The stripes and lace on my Quaking Aspen shawl.

What I liked: Project-specifically, I liked how it balanced the rougher orange hand spun yarn both in color and texture. Takes a good 'frogging.' It maintained its softness and bounciness after being frogged partially and completely (the whole skein) twice. Also held its original squish and softness after blocking.  I am also in love with the subtleties in the color. I think in that first photo you can see strands of pink among the blue. That really helped it go well with my project.

What I didn't like: It splits from purling but that's to be expected. Otherwise I really don't have a whole lot to complain about. It's like meth- you could get addicted after one use. Not that I know about that personally, but that's what I hear. But the yarn... I am addicted and it might get unhealthy. It is a little too thick for lace, which is not what it is made for anyway. My lace e edging turned out a bit stiffer than I expected since it is so soft and hangs well in garter stitch.

Where you can buy it: I bought my skeins at A2Z Yarns in Brainard, MN on a mini vacation. I think Berroco is sold at most local yarn shops. You would have to ask the LYS near you to find out.The Berroco retailer store locator can help you too.

Affordability: $7.50 regular price at the LYS (A2Z Yarns) I purchased it at. The particular color way was on clearance for 50% off though. Ravelry says normal retail is $8 though. 

Overall rating:


After using it once I am compelled to use it for everything. Everything. I wasn't kidding when I said addicted. Every time I think about going yarn shopping, I think about buying more of this. The softness-oh the softness!- and how beautiful their colors are... I am in love.

If you think I've been giving too many glowing reviews, next week I will be changing the tone of things and talking about a yarn I don't ever plan on buying again. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this or asked to review this yarn by any store or the company itself. Opinions are my own.