Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My First Shawl

I'm still working on my first shawl. I've had a series of setbacks involving shortening the shawl due to yarn shortage and personal preference.

However, I'm on to the first lace portion and I really get screwed up. The odd rows knit up just fine but the even (wrong side) rows never line up the way the pattern instructs. At first I thought it was because I stopped increasing so much sooner than what is written, but that really shouldn't matter since the odd rows always work out.

The pattern has a "knit 3 together" instruction and I never have enough stitches for it. I always just do a knit one or an occasional knit 2 together. It looks like it is turning out ok but I still feel like I'm screwing it up. Advice would be much appreciated.

This is the Quaking Aspen Shawl from Ravelry. I frogged the lace edging once already. At least she looks pretty while being ripped apart...

Ugh. That lace. How terrible. First time it's ever felt good to frog a substantial amount of work:

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  1. Your colours are lovely and I hope you get the lace figured out :)

  2. Christine! Your shawl is lovely! the colors are great!

    I took just a quick look at the pattern, and the lace section looks as if it is done as an applied border, where you co X stitches (like 10-12), just work on those few stitches, back and forth---then start 'biting off' the body stitches (knitting an edge stitch with body stitches) so you are slowly working the lace pattern along the bottom of the shawl.

    I haven't made this shawl so that may not be the problem, but it does appear as if you would not be working the lace pattern across all the base of the shawl at the same time. (Gosh, this is hard to explain----I wish I could just sit next to you === with a cup of tea!!! ) Please feel free to email me and I'd be happy to try to explain this better!!!!

    1. Makes a LOT more sense than you realize! I am eternally grateful for your help. Thank you!!!

  3. Steph is right. Usually I get enough of the border knit so that I can handle it in my hands then start knitting it to the shawl. At the end you can connect that little beginning. Looks lovely though!

  4. Frogging lace is a killer. I have to do that on one of my projects and I have been procrastinating. I love the colors you chose!

  5. Your shawl looks lovely but I feel your frustration. I see Steph has given you some great advice. I hope you manage to work it out :)

  6. It really looks lovely; sorry for the hard time with the lace; if need be, can you do a different stitch to end the frustration? All the best....

  7. i love the colors of that shawl. sorry the lace work is not working out. that is frustrating.

  8. Your shawl is looking wonderful. I hope that the lace starts to behave for you soon.

  9. Loving the shawl, I do hope you get that lace to work for you soon!

  10. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous once you get the edging figured out. I always loose heart when it comes to frogging lace... I either have to frog all of it, or leave it be and hope I can fix it on the fly - there's no happy medium.

  11. Your shawl is looking lovely.
    If you know the multiple required for the lace repeat you will can easily calculate the number of stitches needed to keep the pattern straight. There are usually stitches at the point which are treated differently.
    Hope that makes sense. Good luck

  12. I wish you luck with your project.

  13. Amazing project!!

    Here's my WIP: