Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Visit to Mrs. I's Yarn Parlor

I went to Mrs. I's Yarn Parlor in Osceola, WI yesterday. It took twice as long to get there as it should have because I decided to bushwhack it on the country roads and predictably, took a couple extra turns (read: got lost), had to pull out my Google Maps app on my tablet and use a map... Ugh.

The store is located at the end of the main street shopping area... at the end of town right near the turn to get to the Osceola landing and the St. Croix river access. I would have taken a photo for you but the kids were irritable and we had to cross a busy road.

Note: Google maps hasn't been updated. Point B is where Google Maps says Yarn Parlor is located. Point A is Osceola Lanes, the bowling alley. I added the gold star to indicate where Yarn Parlor is actually located.

On to the fun stuff.

What makes this place unique is the fact that she carries a lot of locally made yarns. I'd say a good 1/3 of her stock at least is locally made. She has her stock listed on the website I linked to above.

The store itself is actually pretty small but does not feel crowded or cramped. When you walk in, there are chairs for knitting space right next to the desk so that she can sit, knit, and talk with you and not have to interrupt the conversation to make a sale. I've only seen couches and chairs for social knitting set up further away from where the desk is located in other yarn shops I've visited. I found Yarn Parlor's set up to be very welcoming and smart since I haven't yet encountered a yarn store owner that wasn't enthusiastic about knitting and talking with their customers.

I was hoping to find another skein of the gorgeous blue Berocco I found in Brainard but she doesn't carry Berocco. I did, however, find a skein of the hand spun I am using for this shawl:
Wanted more of the blue yarn, found some more orange.

The  commercially made yarns Yarn Parlor carries are also unique and not-your-typical yarn store brands.
You know what I'm referring to. Big name stores like JoAnn's sell commercially made yarn such as Red Heart and Caron. Little yarn shops carry commercially made yarns like Berocco and Malabrigo.
In addition to the large quantity of independent and local fiber artists, Mrs. I carries different yarn altogether, another excellent reason to support her shop.

If ever you find yourself near Osceola, maybe after you get off the St.  Croix river after a day of canoeing, make sure you give this cozy store a visit.

Hand spun yarn I purchased, made by Keldi Merton.
Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this or asked to review this by the store featured, or anyone else. Opinions are my own.