Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Transition: Training the Boys to Share a Room

Since the baby (10 months) has been sleeping pretty consistently through the night we decided it was time to move him into the room next to us where our 2.5 year old has a bed room. Our first didn't get kicked out of our room until he was a few months past a year old but this just seemed appropriate for our second.
He doesn't nurse at night anymore which can be attributed to (blamed on) the fact that I work a night shift and my hard-working, exhausted husband can sleep through anything...including crying children. So the hard work was done for me this time around. Hooray!

This is how our first week went:
Night 1: #2 in bed by 6:30 (1830). Told #1 that he has a very important job now and that he needs to protect his brother now when they sleep. (He responds well to being given "jobs" and really likes responsibility. Example? His favorite thing right now is doing the dishes. Not even kidding.) Also told him he had to be very quiet and sneaky when he goes to bed now. #2 woke up when #1 went to bed at 9 (2100). He just HAD to look at his brother in the crib and when he accidentally bumped it, the little one woke up. Nursed and put back in boys' room. Heard them chattering (but no crying) at 5:30 (0530) AM. They were up for the day. The baby had been put to bed early that night since he refused to nap and was super crabby by that time of the day. So I was irritated but not surprised when they were up so early.

Night 2: #2 in bed at 7:30 (1930), which is his usual bedtime. #1 in bed by 8:45 (2045). Again this time, I told him that he still has an important job sharing a room with his brother now, and that he needs to be very quiet when he goes to bed. He threw a bit of a fit when I told him he had to go to bed but I carried him to the room and he was done being upset before we got to the door. He was very quiet and went to sleep right away. #2 up at 6:00 (0600), which is also a normal wake-up time for him. I nursed him right away but he was wide awake and ready to start the day. #1 slept in until 815 (0815).

Night 3: Normal bedtimes for both, at 7:30 (1930) and 8:45 (2045). #2 woke up around 1 (0100) and woke up #1 in the process, but #1 fell back asleep while the baby got a bottle. #2 then woke everyone up again around 6 (0600). Also a normal time for us.

Night 4: In bed at their usual times. Around 6 (0600) #2 woke up and was babbling and singing and making other baby noises. #1 woke up and could be heard telling his brother, " Sh! Brother, quiet! Sleeping!" at which point we intervened and #1 slept another hour.

Night 5: On bed at their usual times. #2 again up at his usual time.  #1 only slept an hour longer than #2.

Night 6: #2 to bed at his normal time. I lost track of time that night so #1 went to bed an hour late...but #2 slept til almost 7 (0700)! #1 woke up about a half hour after. So the little one is probably getting more used to his new crib and his new room.

Last night: Normal bedtimes for both boys. #2 woke up around 5 (0500) to cry a little but fell back asleep til his usual 6:00 (0600) wakeup time. His brother, #1, slept in til around 6:45-7:00.

This all went remarkably smoothly. In time this routine will change once our little one is capable of entertaining himself or when he is able to climb out of the crib, whatever comes first. I am pretty excited for my sons to be able to bond through sharing a room... I never shared a room with my sister growing up and I know we would have a very different relationship if we did. I'm sure I will write about this again if there is any drastic changes in their rooming situation.

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  1. Our kids have their own room, but they also have a queen sized bed in our room that they typically use. My kids are 5 and almost 3. They used to go to bed really easily on the big bed, but now they are working each other up all the time when they should be is worse when we put them in their room because all of their toys are in there. I am happy they aren't fighting, but sometimes I just want them to fall asleep as quickly as they used to! OK, that should actually read I always want them to fall asleep quickly :-)