Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A BEAR-y Exciting FO

This week I am very excited to share the finished Need-a- Hug-Bear for my oldest son's 3rd birthday present... Finished three weeks before his big day.
First the bear:

You can count on a Yarn Review Monday post on the main color used for this big guy!
And what is a teddy bear post without both those sweet bears together like the brothers they will soon belong to?

The head shot has laminated notes that I wrote and put inside the bears so that after they have hopefully been loved to the point of disintegration they will have a special note from Mommy inside to make it a little more of a treasure. And their butts; the "Knitted by Mom" labels I got from

Laminating the notes makes them washable.
I just  cut a 4x6 in half and then folded it again in half to laminate.
I like how I sewed the label on the freckled bear better than the fuzzy bear.
 PLUS, yes, I achieved another goal this month which was starting the afghan for my brother- in-law's wedding for next fall. I can't supply a photo since he and his awesome fianceĆ© came across this blog over Christmas 2012 when I was letting her play with my tablet. The big reveal must wait till next September... You all know how that goes!
I can show you the Quaking Aspen shawl I just cast on for tonight. I was given some hand spun for my birthday so all I'll need is a second color for the edge. I'm thinking a deep blue. I needed a simple project that still needed me to make use of my brand new steampunk stitch markers.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had so much fun making them.

  2. Oh so much fun! I love these! I once sewed a stuffed bear in junior high, but haven't attempted knitting. And the idea of putting notes in them is awesome! I knit both of my kids dolls when they turned one, but never thought to put notes in them...I wonder if I could take them apart now and insert one :-)

  3. Love the bear, I wish to be your kids..hahaha..cos they're just so lucky.

  4. Your bears are adorable! They look very squishy and huggable. I'm sure they will be well loved.

  5. How cute are those bears. And what a lovely idea to put the special little notes inside.

  6. Cute bears. The handspun is lovely - puts me in mind of marmalade. And I just love your stitch markers!

  7. Those bears are A-dorable! Love them. The blue one especially. I love his navy and green flecks.