Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Yarn and Sweaters

Well, I treated myself to a very expensive mother's day gift on Friday. I haven't even started to feel any guilt given the fact that I haven't told my husband yet, but we don't generally give each other gifts unless it's Christmas so its okay, right? Feast your eyes on my newest yarn/pattern library splurge!

I actually have four skeins of the gray Angora Merino yarn but the other skeins are propping up my book. The yarn is for this sweater, which I discussed wanting to knit in this post.
Every time I've gone into my LYS they have been sold out of this book. So the trip HAD to be successful if they had the book, right?

Yes. That is my first skein of malabrigo.

The bear for my first son. The parts I have done are stuffed and besides the ears, it is assembled. I really love how he's turning out!

And his Devan cardigan is coming along too. I started the right front panel yesterday:

And as for reading, I don't think I've opened my book up once this week. Ugh! >.<


  1. My husband and I rarely do presents as well - it makes it easier when I *really* need new crafting supplies :-) I love that sweater pattern, it will be gorgeous!

  2. love the sweater pattern and your bear is fab!

  3. Beautiful work! Enjoy that wonderful mother's day splurge. :)

  4. Malabrigo might just be the perfect Mother's Day gift. Wish I'd thought of it for my Mom when she was alive. She'd have loved it :) Enjoy yours!

  5. I see nothing wrong with picking out your own gift. That way you get exactly what you want:)