Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Novelty Yarns

7.1.13 Edit: This has been linked with my Yarn Review Monday posts. 
Yarn: Bernat Boa, found at JoAnn's for $5/skein. 1.75 oz=50g, 71 yards. Soft mink color way.

I've only recently used novelty yarn for the first time a couple months ago. The first thing I ever used it for was my first Need A Hug Bear.
The eyelash yarn was so soft and luxurious in the skein. It looks fantastic now that it's a bear. But knitting with it was tedious, to put it nicely. If you've never used this yarn before, here's what you're missing:
What your stitches look like after spreading out on the needle.

Knitting with it.

You definitely want a row counter for this yarn.
Doesn't even look like there's 22 rows there.

Can you see my dropped stitch? Yeah... Neither can I.
I was working on my second bear tonight, and began sewing the head together, when my yarn ripped. Well, separated really, which is why I generally avoid roving at all costs. It was just too soft and perfect for this bear though, that I caved and bought a skein.
Isn't that fantastic:
If I ever have the opportunity to learn how to spin, you can bet I will never make roving.

I did a lot of complaining in this post but I do think the end results are definitely worth the trouble.
Happy knitting!