Monday, February 11, 2013

Stitch Tutorial: Linen Stitch

This is the linen stitch. I learned it for a pattern I'm currently working on.

 The front is very flat although it had a very neat look to the texture the stitches create.
 The back is very textured. I really like the look and think either side could be used for the front of a project.

You will need an even number of stitches so that you start all your rows with a knit or purled stitch and end every row ends with a slipped stitch.
The pattern is: *k1, yarn to front, slip 1,* repeat to end of row.

Knit 1

Yarn to front, slip 1
Return yarn to back, knit again to continue the pattern

Next row: *p1, yarn to back, slip1,* repeat to end of row.

Purl 1

Yarn to back, slip 1

Rows must end with a slipped stitch

Happy knitting!