Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vintage Style

As  mentioned in this post,  I'm making this pattern: 

I've already started and frogged a few times because apparently I can't follow basic instructions...
I also started my Bräcken mitts.
The photo makes the yarn look a little brown,  although that is not the case. 

A co worker and friend of mine has commissioned me to make two Robin Hood hat, one for her and one for her sister.  I love the design and the thought of having more money in the yarn fund.

Reading the Catechism each day and thanks to at least three of you,  I started Cutting with Stone and I love it. I've been reading the free sample so far,  and I'm on page 75. I only just realized the play on words for the title since the surgeon's name is Stone... yep.  Took me that long.  I'm worried my local library won't have a copy. My fingers are crossed... 

Happy knitting! 

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