Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Wonderful Wednesday

I finished two projects this week. I finished decorating the baby dress and made The Fisherman's Wife neck warmer in only four hours from cast on to adding buttons. Both patterns found at

I'm finished as of this morning with Black Tulip and I'm still reading the catechism daily.

I also started yet another pair of mittens for my son but since the first one turned out hideous,  you won't get a picture.  He'll still get his ugly mittens though.  Haha! 


  1. it feels great to finish two projects in one week doesn't it? - I don't think it ever happened to me as I'm just very slowly working through my collection of started projects but I can imagine it has to be wonderful :)
    -very nice projects :)

    1. Haha well if it is any consolation to you, the baby dress had been waiting for its final touches for at least three weeks. All I did to finish it this week was add the decorative buttons on top.

  2. 2 beautiful projects! I especially love the Black Tulip!