Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All About Books

I haven't been doing much knitting lately since I don't have any deadlines for projects and my right wrist has had stabbing pains lately.  I haven't even been able to do my paperwork at work because of it.

However, I recently began The Black Tulip by Dumas and he is hilarious and brilliant.
For example,  when talking about a man jealous of his neighbors tulips, and therefore spies on him daily to learn his cultivation secrets:
"If the necessity had arisen to find some new representative of a condemned soul omitted by Dantes, Boxtel, during this time,  would have served excellently as a model."
I had to stifle a laugh while reading that at work,  although I realize it might not be as humorous out of context.

My co worker was telling me the other week about how she has a whole section of her basement devoted to being a reading nook. Complete with a fireplace.  As you can probably guess,  Jealousy reared her ugly head in me and I decided to clean out the only spot I had for that sort of thing. So now I have a 3x3' corner of my house just for me.  Baby steps... baby steps...

I wasn't kidding when I said it was a small space.  The small rocking chair is backed up as far as it will go. 

Books organized by genre per crate, although they aren't alphabetized. 

I think I've officially grown up because,  I suppose by default of being part of what I'll call the Potter Generation,  up until now I've held the vague belief that J. K.  Rowling was my favorite author.  I think I can confidently say now that Dumas has replaced Rowling. I love his humor.  The way he wrote this book has me chuckling to myself on almost every page so far (60-70 pgs in... now that I'm halfway through the book it isn't quite so funny). I think my next real book I buy will be by Dumas. What a tragic thing it is,  that I have to specify a real book due to all the ebooks I've been reading.
Also, I've been keeping up with my daily catechism reading,  so there's that too.

Once my wrist pain subsided,  I cast on the Devan sweater,  which I mentioned wanting to start in an earlier post. I think I will need to order the recommended yarn even though I already have yarn for it.  It is not turning out the way I expected so I am going to frogged it down to the chocolate brown yarn and will have to wait til the prescribed yarn arrives in the mail...after I get paid this week.  Why does yarn have to be so expensive?
This looks nothing like it should.  This is how far I knit before I ripped it down to the curled edge.
Frogging it pained me so little,  I might be turning into a better knitter after all.  Hooray!