Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nina and Lily part 2

Another week working on the Nina scarf, House of Mirth, and the Catechism. I finished the hat/head band set as well. My friend loved the gift.
I added some embroidered flowers last minute.
Not sure if it really added to it how I envisioned or not.

Before embroidery.

Since I was flying with the baby last weekend I will be writing about that whole experience before this weekend. Stay tuned.

And the Nina scarf for your viewing pleasure. I have the first half done, the second half 1/2 done, plus I need to make the flowers. I'm basically almost done.


  1. Your knitting looks very nice and warm. I like the little flowers. Such a nice touch.

  2. Everything is so pretty and feminine! Happy knitting! ~Mackenzie