Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Recipes

While I had free time the other night I opened up my Google Currents app and began reading Saveur magazine.  I found a delicious looking recipe for hot cocoa and an even more delicious looking recipe for scones.

First the cocoa recipe. 
It was incredibly rich,  since the majority of it is melted chocolate.  Next time I make it I might use half the chocolate,  a little extra wine (maybe) and definitely some extra milk. Despite the richness,  it was delicious and I will definitely make it again.
Oh.  So.  Good. 

And the scone recipe?
It makes a lot... my blender could barely handle it. It requires a ton of flour to roll it out.  I added 1cup of frozen (store bought ) raspberries to the original recipe,  since the alternative recipes all involved adding cheese I didn't have on hand.
The result?  A bit crunchy for the first pan and bready tasting but still very good. If you aren't big on sugary foods this is a great recipe for you.  Coupled with a large glass of milk or coffee and you'll be set till lunchtime.
The first pan. 
For my second pan I only baked them for 20 minutes instead of 30 and they came out a lot better.  I also adjusted the rack lower so it was better centered in the oven. Hope you all enjoy these recipes as much as I did!
They're more golden than brown like the first pan was.
I realize it is a but difficult to tell the difference from the photos.
You'll just have to trust me.