Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loving the Crisp Cold Weather

I've been working on the ear warmer for my friend to match the hat I made for her daughter. This is how far I am:

I would be done already if I didn't work over the weekend. I can't decide if it would look too juvenile if I added a knit daisy to it somewhere, if an extra flower would be overkill. I like to think I'm a less-is-more kind of girl, and that it will look fine with just the buttons it already has for embellishment. Thoughts?

Still reading House of Mirth. Still enjoying it a lot. Still reading the Catechism as well. I think it is more of a learning experience than anything else for a convert like me.

I love the cold weather. I would live in the North Pole if I could. I went winter camping for a week back in high school and we didn't use tents. Or stoves. That is how much I love cold weather. I've been taking the boys on many long walks and I think they like it too. I throw them in the stroller with a fleece blanket and a quilt and they keep each other very warm. Sometimes they fall asleep, like what happened yesterday evening with the baby:

Conversation I had with my son on our walk:
"How come you won't take a nap today? Aren't you tired?"
"You didn't drink my coffee this morning did you?" (Joking with him of course.)
*He turns around and smiles at me mischievously*
"You didn't steal my coffee this morning when I wasn't looking, did you?"
Well that would explain a lot, although he does tell us what he thinks we want to hear sometimes so I can't be too sure how accurate this response was. At any rate, he cracked me up.

Happy yarn-ing and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Heh. My kids love coffee too - it started when I was pregnant with my second, and wasn't feeling so well, and so my toddler and I would sit and "have our coffee" - hers was mostly milk, but I think it gave her a taste for it!