Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am proud to announce that after two years of unmotivated work, I am officially DONE with my husband's Christmas sweater as of 0545 Sunday November 4. This is a shining moment in my knitting career and I would like to thank the women in the nursing home who first taught me to knit, my late great grandmothers and my grandmother for inheriting their skills, the internet for being a great resource, Elizabeth Zimmerman for the pattern, my son for getting my arse in gear, my mother in law for artistic inspiration, and, and, and...this isn't the Grammy's so I'm done wasting your time now.

The progression:
Beginning the hood

Halfway done with the hood

Lengthening sleeves

Adding cabling to the sleeves

The handmade coconut shell buttons

The left sleeve is not actually that short. It was an attempt to show off the cables.