Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Current Projects

I usually work on a couple projects at a time when I have a big project, like sweaters. Currently, I'm working on the Adult Surprise Jacket. I bought the pattern on my honeymoon in Door County and for $10, it was money well spent. I will write about this awesome pattern later on.

I started this sweater for my husband a couple years ago and now that I stopped procrastinating, the body is done so the end is in sight.

My other project is a beaded bolero. The pattern is from Knitting in the Details by Louisa Harding. I love every pattern in this book, and since I got a great deal on it from Amazon, this was also well worth the investment. The pattern I'm working on is called Tallulah and since I couldn't find a better picture online, my blurry tablet photo will have to suffice until I write more about it later. I love this bolero because the edging is beaded and it is so simple.

I haven't figured out how to format this better. I rotated it properly before I uploaded it but it was turned on its side again when posted. My apologies. I just finished the back and started one side last night so more on this at a later date too. I will probably do a book review for Knitting in the Details because I just love it.

Happy knitting! Have a good weekend!