Monday, September 10, 2012

ABC Surprise Jacket

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently making an Adult Surprise Jacket (pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman). Two summers ago on my honeymoon I found the pattern in a local knitting shop in Sturgeon Bay  called Spin. I bought it for $10 and while I thought it was a splurge at the time, I think it was worth every penny.

First off, the "ABC" part of the pattern title stands for "Adult, Baby, Child." So now, instead of one project, you now have three different age groups to knit for with excellent instructions on how to obtain the correct sizes for anyone you knit for. The baby sizes are provided.

Secondly, it is all knit in ONE PIECE. And the only type of stitch you do is garter. Beginning knitters out there are perking up I hope. However, you need to know how to increase and decrease well. The drawing below is from the pattern, showing the knitter how the sweater will look before the shoulder seams are sewn together:

Because it is knit in one piece, I was advised by the person who sold me the pattern to knit a baby one first since it is a small project and then it is easier to figure out how to sew it together. I found this to be fantastic advice.

Shown above is the baby version I made for my son. It looks fine in the photo but I did not increase properly in the beginning and at the time it was the second sweater pattern I ever used so I had a little problem with following the directions. I used a toggle and sewed a zipper onto it. What I did wrong was forgetting to increase, and then increasing evenly to compensate, which gave me a very misshapen neckline. To fix it in order for it to be worn properly, I had to fold down the top corners and added buttons to hide the mishap.

Below is a photo of the adult-sized sweater I am currently working on, and it is turning out fantastic.

As you can see I added ribbing to the outermost edge. It is a basic pattern which makes it very easy to add your own touch to it. I am making this as a hooded sweater which is why the needle is at the top.

Due to the nature of the pattern, for the larger sizes the sleeves need to be added to before it is finished.

I highly recommend you check this pattern out if you are looking for an easy sweater to make. The pattern has excellent photos and illustrations so it is very easy to follow.

If you do a Google image search for ABC Surprise Jacket you will find that most people use multiple colors since the pattern is ideal for striping. It was purely personal preference that I used solid color yarns for my sweaters.

If you are interested or have more questions just comment.

Happy knitting!