Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sweater Progress: Flax and Severus Pullover

I apologise for the absence around here. I've been making progress on all of my projects though!

I finished the Flax sweater for my littlest a couple days ago:

The Flax for my almost 3 year old just needs sleeves finished:

And despite a long road trip last week, I didn't have much opportunity to work on my husband's sweater. However, I've still added length to it since my last post:

I really like the way it's turning out with the strip down the middle for steeking. It makes me feel less nervous about cutting it up since it looks alright (so far) if I fold the middle so the stockinette panel doesn't show. I wasn't sure how the center cables would look.

I am still working on an Elsa doll for my daughter's birthday next week:

She looks a bit like a frog at the moment, but once she's completely stuffed she should look better.

And lastly, the yarn for my boys' sweaters arrived last week! I'm pretty excited to get these started.

Have a fantastic and productive weekend, my fellow knitters!