Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Avoiding Stagnation

I didn't get much time to knit this week, and I definitely didn't read. Where does this time go and why can't I be a kid again so I can kill my days reading? Alright, I'm done whining.

I did add 22 rows, which is about an inch. And while an inch doesn't sound like much, if I multiply 22 rows by 65 stitches, I actually did 1430 stitches this week. Which sounds way more impressive than an inch!

I don't have many projects planned for the year. I have two baby gifts to make, one of which is in the photo above. I plan to make a cabled sweater for my husband this year, steek it, and put a zipper, but I've got a bit of research to do before I begin that. Otherwise, not many projects. My big goal this year is not knitting related. I'm going to learn how to play treble clef on cello. I've attempted to before and haven't been successful but if you never challenge yourself, you get stuck in a rut and mentally it's hard to get out.

Linking up with Yarn Along today.