Wednesday, March 2, 2016

No Motivation, No Progress

I've had absolutely zero motivation to work on my projects.
Last time I shared the socks and hat, I made a goal for myself to get to the heel of the sock before the end of the week, which I actually did, but I haven't exactly worked on it since then.

At this rate, they might not get finished 'til Christmas. Ugh.

I've also had very little motivation to work on my sister in law's hat. Not sure why, but I'm thinking that for how little I can accomplish knitting twisted rib in the little bits of time that I have here and there to work on things, it just hasn't felt worth it. And yet, I've finally made it past the rib to bigger needles and copious amounts of knitting in the round so I'm hoping this project will practically finish itself pretty soon here.

Do you ever feel like making a great gift for someone, despite knowing they'll love and cherish it, is so much more tedious when you weren't the one who decided what to make? Or in the case of these socks, where I know they will be very loved, almost never worn, and therefore last quite long before darning, but I just cannot bring myself to work on them because of my hated for making them.

So instead my craft time over the last few weeks has been devoted to this:

It's a nurses uniform, 1929-era. It will be something to wear with the kids on Halloween if I'm ever not working. Ha!
The hat, I think, is the best part of the whole uniform:

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