Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Maribel Hat

The fair isle hat I've been working on for my SIL is getting close to finished.

 The photo above shows the yarn colors best. That is a fair isle section that I'm not using the pattern for and it's turning out well so far. It will picture two deer on their hind legs, front feet stretching toward each other. Because, "if it's possible to add a deer motif it would be so awesome, I trust your artistic intuition" obviously translates to, "go crazy with this." Well... It does.

The original fair isle pattern as written in the pattern though... Is tough. The knitting isn't tough. The pattern isn't inherently difficult. But because it is a photo of a handwritten chart --in pencil-- my eyes go cross eyed every time I look over those snowflakes and as a result I've messed up the motif more than a few times. Ugh. At any rate, I'm really hoping I will be able to finish and send it off in the mail before the next WIP update!

I haven't touched the socks. No surprise there, right?

Until next time!
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