Friday, March 25, 2016

FO Friday: Ski Hat

I finished knitting this hat on Wednesday, blocked on Thursday, made the pom pom on Thursday, and finished drying and added said pom pom today.

Now, the hat is currently packed in a box addressed to my sister in law. The original pattern she sent me is called the "Maribel hat" and instructs snowflakes around the entire hat.

However, once she decided to pass the knitting off on me, she mentioned that she'd like a deer on it if it were possible. Of course, I had to accept because I love her to death. You know how that goes.

So I found a free chart for fair isle deer. The chart originally had Christmas trees between the deer and the bottom heart but I decided that would be overkill and omitted them.

Since the deer chart was so large, I ended up only fitting two snowflakes from the original hat pattern onto the hat without altering stitch count. I figured there would be at least three, but I never said I was good at math!

The original hat pattern had the fair isle chart written out and scanned so it was very difficult to read the pencil drawn chart. It made me go cross eyed more than a few times, and while the pattern is quite nice I would definitely recommend printing it and making it darker to see it better.

Sorry to skimp on photos, I'm sure she'll send me better ones once she gets her hat!

Have a good Good Friday and Easter everyone!