Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tea and Toes

I've been knitting a sock this week, just like last week. It feels like when I've actually been knitting, I end up with absolutely zero progress.

That's usually what sock knitting feels like for me though...

The tea set is a handmade, little set that my husband gave me for Christmas. I spent my Monday afternoon working on the sock, sipping Earl gray tea, and studying for my nurse license exam. Tuesday's free time was just spent studying.

Photo shows true yarn colors. That's as far as I got by the time I took a break from knitting on Monday. Just past the toes.

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  1. I often feel like that about socks and now always have to knit them two at a time. Mind you, when you turn the heel, I find it always flies by.

  2. PRETTY little photo! Im knitting socks on tiny needles and a sweater on BIG needles. My joints and arms love the tiny needles