Thursday, January 7, 2016

Knit Your Library 2016 Plans

Snapdragon Crafts has officially started this year's Knit Your Library link up!

I did share my project plans for the year in yesterday's WIP update but I'll recap just for an official Knit Your Library post.

I've had Unofficial Harry Potter Knits in my library for a couple years now, and the only project currently on my needles is a pair of Dumbledore's socks. Although Dumbledore's initials will be replaced with the recipient's initials instead. I'm using Candy Skein yarn. I bought her Thanksgiving themed mini skeins and a skein of Yummy fingering in the Poppyseed color for the main sock.

I also REALLY want to finish the Parisian coat I began for my sister in law 3 years ago. It won't fit her now but it will hopefully fit my daughter in the fall, or make a great baby gift at some point down the friends and I are all at the young-and-reproducing age so I'm not too worried about finding a home for it if my daughter grows too quickly this summer! Although, the mental anguish the pattern caused still has not been forgotten. I'm hoping that the 2 years of hibernation and knitting experience will help things go better when I begin working on it again!
It looks blue in this light but it is actually a deep purple.

My great-grandmother used to knit all the time. My grandma sent me home with a couple of her unfinished projects for me to do something with. I scoured the internet for over a year in order to find a pattern for her go-to knit...turns out it is what is now called the "Linus Blanket." I photocopied the pattern a few years ago, after doing this, and haven't done anything about it since!

The last thing I'd like to knit this year has also been in the pattern library for a couple years. I have some drool-worthy Malabrigo in a raspberry colorway that I think would be perfect for this sweater. I just need to figure out the necessary yardage to make sure I have enough. Since it is a short-sleeved sweater I'm crossing my fingers I'll have enough.