Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Update on the Red Sand Cardigan

With the projects for the church sale and my nursing preceptor (links to FO posts) during the month of November, I haven't really shared any progress on the cardigan.

I've gotten to the bottom 5" on the body where that beautiful texture happens and while it started out as a challenge I'm certainly loving how it looks now.

I started the bottom section following the 5-stitch chart instead of scrolling a fraction of a centimeter down in order to double check the chart with the written instructions. Had I done that, I would have saved myself a 5-row frog job. 5 rows x 250+ stitches per row = over 1000 stitches ripped out. Ouch. But totally worth it.

So until next week's update, keep knitting and enjoy that nice wintry weather (for those of you in the northern hemisphere I guess). I've never had such a green, warm December so if any of you can mail me some snow, I'd like a white Christmas!