Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Much-Needed Return to the Needles

I took my last exam of the semester yesterday and I must say, it it a huge relief to be finishing up my classes.

I finally have time to knit again too! The big hurrah to finish nursing school is our preceptorship. Naturally, I have plans to knit my preceptor a nice thank you gift. I've mentioned before how much I hate knitting socks; that is obviously off the table for me. I needed a small project since I only have a month to get it done, and I need to be at the hospital for at least 88 hours.

I've decided on a pair of mittens. I'm going to add a simple fair isle design around the cuff. I don't know if I shared this earlier in the year but my husband bought me a book of traditional fair isle designs and I've narrowed what I like down to these designs:

I've been looking through the stash and my patterns to see what sorts of materials and patterns could work for this. I think I've got it figured out.
It's a pattern from the 80s but I like the big cable. I would alter the design a bit to incorporate the fair isle but I like how how big and cozy the mittens look.

Also, some exciting developments on my sweater:

I've finished the short rows on the bottom and just got to the second row after beginning the pockets.

Until next week!

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